Oceans, historically, have brought life. They provide food, energy, and livelihoods; humans flock to them.

But this blog is not about oceans. Not directly.

It’s about life and how it all flows together, all things being separate until they come together as one. Life can be beautiful, and vast, and still, and restless. Sometimes there are storms that destroy life and create it again.

This blog is about life and the words that make up the stories that shape it.


If you’re looking for more information on the author, click here.

If you’d like a more practical guidebook for what to expect on this blog, this might help.


The Blog Divided: (these links are helpful if you would like to find specific topics or things on the blog; to be updated periodically)

Category: Travel

Category: Books

Category: Food/Paleo

Category: Poetry

Category: Motivation / Self-help

Category: Exciting Announcements


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