Why are Icelanders so happy?

Today I want to share an excellent news article I found on BBC Travel that summarizes my own thoughts on Icelander’s happiness (though I wouldn’t call the Blue Lagoon a true Icelandic experience) .

The Truth About Icelandic Happiness 

Stories provide a vehicle for expressing grief, and grief expressed is grief reduced. – Eric Weiner

Iceland’s literary culture is one of the most beautiful things about the country.  It’s so dark and depressing in the winters (and boring, according to most Icelanders) that people express themselves through art,  including literature and music.  It is absolutely lovely to see!

Many Icelanders I talked to said they don’t complain about the high tax because they receive so many benefits (more or less the same thing I heard in Copenhagen).  They know they will be able to survive if anything ever happens.  There are no homeless people in Reykjavik (as a generality) because the government takes care of their citizens. Of course,  not everyone will be able to live as comfortably as others,  but their basic needs will be met.

I don’t know if this is simply a good front put on for foreigners or if it’s the truth – it’s certainly something I’m interested in spending more time in Iceland finding out.