Good news and good deals

I’ve been giddy all day today because, for the first time since I graduated, I have an actual in-person interview for a great job! It’s tomorrow afternoon so wish me luck and stay tuned!

The good news must have stayed with me all the way to Sprouts, because I got some great deals! Bananas are 3 lbs for $1, nectarines are 2 lbs for $1 (!!!), Larabars are $0.88 each, and ground beef is $2.99/lb. I also found a bottle of Napa Valley olive oil for $10 (regular price $16). If you need any of these, head on over to your local Sprouts (I can’t promise you that the olive oil will be there though).

Tip: Current prices are good until August 24th; their weekly ad comes out every Wednesday and I believe on Wednesdays you can use the ads for both the week before and the week after, so double the sales.

Sprouts is my favorite grocery store; they carry the food I need for my diet and they always have good sales on produce. I basically lived there in Flagstaff. So far it’s the best place I’ve found to buy healthy food (like all those dang coconut products; last week was Coconut Frenzy so I got a lot of stuff for 25% off; it was also Frozen Frenzy so all the frozen foods were 20% off; that’s a recurring thing, so watch out for it). Whole Foods is nicer and has more selection (sometimes), but it’s also pricier (usually). When I was living back at home, we of course didn’t have a Sprouts so we would usually go to Safeway. Safeway is alright. They’re the only supermarket chain at home that has Ezekial 4:9 bread, so if you live in a town that doesn’t have a Sprouts or Whole Foods, Safeway is probably your best bet for alternative options. Fry’s also has a pretty good selection of health foods. It’s the closest grocery store to my apartment so I’ll probably be going there a lot. Grapes are $0.88/lb at Fry’s right now, by the way. And Bashas’ has watermelon for $0.17/lb which is just ridiculous (that’s about $3 for your average watermelon).

But enough about boring grocery ads!

Want to know what I’m cooking?

I’ve been using two paleo cookbooks exclusively: The Ultimate Paleo Cookbook by Arsy Vartanian (I wish my name was Arsy; it would be more accurate than ‘Andrea’) and Against All Grain by Danielle Walker. The day I got the Ultimate I was in heaven; I had no idea I could make so many different things and stick to my diet! I’ve only tried a handful of the recipes, because the cookbook is a realm of possibilities with over 500 pages and 900 recipes, but they’ve all turned out with varying degrees of success. I’m looking forward to cooking more from it, like the maple bacon pancakes… yum!

Against All Grain is much easier to handle and every recipe actually has a picture (the author also has a website where you can find recipes). I’ve had hits and misses with both cookbooks, the misses probably due in large part to my failure as a cook (my roommates used to joke that I should have a cooking show and call it ‘Andrea: Can She Actually Get It Right?’ or something like that; they meant well), but Against All Grain is a pretty solid collection of recipes.

The Slow Cooker Sesame Orange Chicken is probably my favorite, which is what I’ve just finished cooking (yes, at 12AM).

WhatsApp Image 2016-08-19 at 12.09.01 AM

I cooked the rice with a little coconut oil, which turned out to be a delicious twist and I’ll probably cook my rice that way all the time now.

The recipe can be found on this other WordPress site, paleoyummers, where, funnily enough, I actually found the recipe. I didn’t figure out til later that it was from that book I have.

Frick it’s good, and a lot spicier than normal… Why is it you can make a recipe a thousand times and it always turns out a little different? The joys of cooking.