One is nature

Listening to Untitled #8 by Sigur Ros,  I am overcome with a feeling of oneness. Unity.  This is Iceland – for me.  Icelandic music is inexplicably tied to the landscape, and modern artists take inspiration from traditional folk songs, creating a truly ethereal experience. Simply by closing my eyes and listening, I am transported to that expansive land of green moss, rock, icy blue water. One long straight asphalt road dissappearing into the flat horizon.  The streets of Reykjavik,  the murals, cats,  rainbow sweaters and rainbow pavements. Fresh fish and lamb. The Hidden People; a culture that hasn’t lost its connection to myth and nature . The Harpa, blue glass perfectly offseting the blue ocean and inspired by the basalt columns of Reynisfjara. A waterfall cascading down in it’s angry, behemoth froth. The sun making its first peeking appearance from an overcast sky. Standing on the edge of a cliff overlooking the endless,  endless sea. 

As the sea, so are we, endless. 

This is the beauty and the hope of life. 

I could get lost here for a lifetime. Let me wander that stark, beautiful world forever, ever connected to nature. 

(this song live is an experience beyond belief)